Help me and MoodThingy get to the next round in the Knight Foundation News Challenge!

Hey guys - as you know, I have a project called MoodThingy, and I recently applied to the Knight Foundation News Challenge for a chance to get funding.

As it turns out, the competition has been SUPER competitive with more than a thousand (!) entries generated. According to their tumblr: "The five applications that receive the most support [via tumblr] will move into a second round of consideration, along with 95 or so others."

While I usually play the humility card, it would be AWESOME if you helped me out on this.

If you’ve got a Tumblr account, please like - and yes, reblog - my application to increase the chances of getting MoodThingy to the next round of deliberations. Just click on the heart next to the post. And if you have honest to God questions, feel free to send in comments and or questions through the comment thread on the Knight Foundation application link. You know, transparent conversations, open data, meow meow transparency meow. Thanks! 

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